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Nursing care plans for Diabetes MellitusBecause diabetes mellitus is a lifelong disease, patients, family teaching discharge, and home healthcare guide probably the most important responsibility of the nurse who provides Nursing Care plans for Diabetes Mellitus. The best persons to manage diabetes mellitus  that is affected so markedly by daily fluctuations in environmental stress, exercise, diet, and infections are the patients self and their families. Patient teaching discharge and home healthcare guide patient with Diabetes Mellitus should include explanations by the physician or nurse of the nature of diabetes and its potential acute and chronic hazards and how they can be recognized early and prevented or treated.

Patient teaching discharge and home healthcare guide for Diabetes Mellitus:

  1. Teach the patient sign and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  2. Teach the patients about medication purpose, dosage, route, and possible side effects of all prescribed medications.
  3. In patients with self-administer insulin, demonstrate patient the appropriate preparation and administration techniques.
  4. Teach to the patient signs and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and emphasize the need for safety precautions because neuropathy decreased sensation can hide sense injuries
  5. Tell to the patient the Prognosis of Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin resistance increases with age, After the first few years of treatment, the majority of people with type 2 diabetes require more than one medicine to keep their blood sugar controlled
  6. Teach the patient how to manage diabetes when he has a minor illness, such as a cold, or flu.
  7. To encourage compliance with lifestyle changes, emphasize how blood glucose control affects long-term health.
  8. Teach the patient how to care for his feet.
  9. Advise him to wear comfortable, nonconstricting shoes and never to walk barefoot
  10. To prevent diabetes, teach people at high risk to avoid risk factors ”for example, maintaining proper weight and exercising regularly, teach to patients you can help to prevent type 2 diabetes by maintaining your ideal body weight, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. Diet and exercise have been shown to delay the onset of diabetes in people who are in the early stages of insulin resistance. If you already have been diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus type 2, you can delay or prevent complications by keeping tight control of your blood sugar.
  11. Advise patients to have annual ophthalmologic examinations for early detection of diabetic retinopathy
  12. Encourage the patient and his family to obtain additional information about Diabetes mellitus from nearby Diabetic foundations.

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